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Valentine Floki (FLOV) is a meme cryptocurrency token operating on the BEP-20 Blockchain technology (Binance Smart Chain). The project launched in January 2022. To expand the ecosystem and grow its community, the team has officially announced the launch of FLOV on UniSwap, which will take place in January 2023. With the great experience, knowledge, and wisdom of the core team, FLOV aims to continue dominating the Valentine season with its success and its community, all while distributing BUSD rewards (BSC chain only) every day to its holders! We are taking advantage of the upcoming Holiday to gain the crypto community’s attention but as the weeks go by, this project will gain its reputation through continuous communication with its investors, aggressive marketing campaigns, listings, and constant delivery from the leadership team. Backed by cryptocurrency and stock market whales, we invite you on this wonderful journey alongside our wonderful loyal community!


BUSD Rewards
Liquidity Pool


$BUSD Rewards
Earn automatic Binance pegged USD ($BUSD), rewards by holding your Valentine Floki tokens – 4% of every buy, transfer and sell transaction is redistributed automatically to $FLOV holders. You will receive the rewards automatically in your wallet or claim your rewards manually in our upcoming reward app tracker. Please note that this feature does not apply on the Ethereum Chain.
3% (BSC) and 1% (ETH) of every transaction will directly go to the marketing wallet in order to ensure an increase in exposure throughout advertisement platforms, social media and to secure contracts and deals with influencers. This will help FLOV achieve an international status and to be known within every community!
Liquidity Pool
Our Smart contract deposits 1% from every transaction as $FLOV and $BNB into a liquidity pool which has been locked and certified. Pancakeswap and Uniswap fix the low liquidity problems of DEXs through their Liquidity Pools, ensuring traders can always Buy & Sell without liquidity issues. A bigger liquidity pool will provide more stability to the $FLOV price.

1 CNL = 0.0013 BTC

ICO Cryptlight Token

ICO Tokens Details & Sale Tokens.

Aug 8, 2021 (9:00AM GMT)
Feb 10, 2022 (9:00AM GMT)
Acceptable curencies
Number of Tokens for Sale
1.000.000 Tokens
Tokens exchange rate
1 ETH = 650 ICC, 1 BTC = 1940 ICC
Minimal Transaction
10 Tokens / Transaction
Aug 08 - Aug 31
30% Bonus
Sep 01 - Sep 15
20% Bonus
Sep 16 - Sep 30
15% Bonus
Oct 01 - Oct 15
10% Bonus
Oct 16 - Oct 31
5% Bonus

Road map

Our Strategy & Project Plan


    Phase 1

    • Create Strong Social Media Presence
    • Audit the BSC Contract
    • Team KYC
    • Presale Marketing Campaign
    • Presale on Pinksale

    Phase 2

    • Launch Marketing Campaign
    • Launch on PancakeSwap
    • Airdrop Partnership
    • List on CMC/CG
    • Reward Tracker Partnership
    • FLOV Staking and Farming

    Phase 3

    • Aggressive Marketing Campaign
    • Second Audit & KYC
    • Influencers Campaign
    • FLOV Metaverse Lands Acquisition
    • FLOV Holiday Cards Launch

    Phase 4

    • ETH Presale Marketing Campaign
    • ETH Presale on Pinksale
    • Launch on UniSwap
    • Aggressive BSC/ETH Marketing Campaign


Read Our Documents

Here is our full documents that help you to understand deeply about us and our operation



Frequently Asked Questions

This is a massive advantage of FLOV compared to other crypto projects. Valentine Floki, like every coin on the market, might fluctuate in value a lot. In contrast, BUSD is very stable, almost 1:1 to USD, which in result, reduces the risk of your investment. With decent volume, your investment will pay for itself over time. Please note that this feature does not apply on the Ethereum Chain.

To set the tolerance on the maximum percentage of price movement you can live with. IT IS NOT A TAX.

It is applied to EVERY TRANSACTION, this includes Buys, Sells and Transfers.

Rewards are directly related to trading volume and your bag size. The higher the volume, the more rewards you earn! This only applies to FLOV BSC.

Ask Me Anything, (AMA) is an open space where investors can talk to the developers and ask questions. The Valentine Floki team will be holding AMAs on a regular schedule. Make sure to join our telegram to learn more about the schedule!